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Sweaters, brightly-colored fallen leaves, fresh apple cider, carved pumpkins, and tricks or treats; these things can only mean one thing, Halloween. Whether you have a situation that requires attention or you would like to learn a few "Tricks" in prevention, the professionals at Seyfried & Associates are here to assist you.

Did you know that cavities are caused by a bacterial infection? And, that this infection is contagious? Well, it’s true. Cavities are the demineralized areas, or holes, that form in teeth as a result of a bacterial infection on your teeth called dental caries. The infection takes place when the normal healthy bacteria in the mouth are replaced by acid-producing bacteria. An acidic oral environment, caused by a sugary/acidic diet or even a lack of saliva, drives the infection, and, yes, it can be transmitted through the exchange of saliva. Brushing and flossing alone, while vitally important to your oral health, cannot stop the infection; it can, however, be controlled, with new fluoride, xylitol, and alkaline pH+ dental products. The professionals at Seyfried & Associates can perform a “caries risk assessment”, to evaluate what factors are contributing to you getting cavities, and offer treatment beyond drilling and filling.

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