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Dare to Dream

Summer is here, which for many people means vacations, baseball season, barbecues, amusement parks, fun in the sun, and Dream Cruise! The summer months often bring a rise in athletic activities, and with them, a rise in tooth and mouth-related injuries. Summer can also be synonymous with sugary, sticky foods and drinks that can contribute to tooth decay. Here are some summer-time tips to "rev up" your oral health.

  • All activities come with some risk of tooth damage. The easiest and most comfortable way to protect your teeth is with a custom mouthguard. We can make them in some really fun colors and patterns that will fit you and your summer style just right.

  • If you should have a tooth knocked out, carefully place it in liquid--milk is the very best--or, if it’s clean, back in your mouth tucked into your cheek and call us right away. If we get the tooth back in place in 30 minutes or so, it may be just fine.

  • Drink WATER! Sports drinks are highly acidic and filled with sugar. If you must have a sports drink, don’t sip it, gulp it down and rinse your mouth out with water.

  • If you know you can’t brush after eating, eat something firm or crisp last. Apples, raw carrots, celery, even popcorn can help clean teeth as they’re eaten.

For information regarding these tips and more, call your Seyfried & Associates professional today.

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